Eco Polymer

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    Your partner in advanced polymers: catheters, membranes, and beyond.
  • Medical Tubing

    Delivering a wide spectrum of high-performance catheters, our offerings include single to multi-lumen tubing, as well as reinforced options with braided or coiled designs. Our portfolio also features advanced microcatheters and steerable catheters, all precision-engineered for navigating the complexities of human anatomy.

  • Membrane

    Our membrane solutions, crafted from high-grade PES and innovative PMP materials, stand at the forefront of filtration technology, offering unparalleled retention rates and flux performance. They cater to a diverse range of applications in the medical and life science sectors, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and precision in every use—from hemodialysis and ECMO to cell culture and bioprocessing.


About ECO

Unleash the possibilities of polymer. Eco isn't just a contract manufacturer, we're your trusted partner in bringing your polymer-based dreams to life. With over 10 years of industry experience and a powerhouse R&D team, we take your vision from concept to commercialization, crafting customized solutions in extrusion, tubing, and membrane materials.


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As a leading Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO), we excel in custom medical catheters and membranes, from prototyping to mass production. Our focus: unparalleled R&D innovation and rigorous quality validation.