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  • Microcatheter


    Engineered for precision, our microcatheters embody the pinnacle of our expertise in materials science and advanced manufacturing techniques. Ideal for complex minimally invasive procedures, they are crafted for optimal navigation and access, reflecting our robust development capabilities and commitment to medical innovation.

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      Minimally Invasive

      Microcatheters excel in procedures that demand minimal tissue disruption, reducing patient discomfort and recovery time.

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      Their small size enables accurate placement and delivery of therapeutic agents, such as embolic materials or contrast media.

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      Microcatheters find applications in various medical specialties, including neurology, interventional radiology, and cardiology.

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      Improved Imaging

      Some microcatheters incorporate advanced imaging technologies for real-time visualization during procedures.

    Key Properties

    Bending Resistance/
    Technical Parameter

    Minimum wall≥0.10mm
    Minimum tolerance±0.02
    Inner materialPTFE liner
    CoilingClose wound, constant pitch, variable pitch