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  • Research and Development Engineer for Medical Interventional Composite Catheter

    Full time

    Recruitment Condition
    • Lead or participate in the full development process of medical interventional composite catheter, including customer needs analysis and evaluation, consumable design, process design validation and research and development pilot production;

    • Responsible for outputting relevant research and development documents for medical interventional composite catheter development;

    • Responsible for the implementation of medical interventional composite catheter development transferring to mass production;

    • Other tasks assigned by the leadership.

    Entry Requirement
    • Bachelor's degree or above in polymer, chemistry, metal materials related major, master's degree preferred;

    • Priority will be given to those with experience in medical catheter research and development;

    • Proficient in using Auto cad, solidworks and other industrial design softwares preferred;

    • Have a good team cooperation spirit.

  • Project Engineer

    Full time

    Recruitment Condition
    • Assist project managers in managing company projects and improve the company’s new product development project process;

    • Participate in the research and development needs survey, product development planning, and quality control of the company’s new products;

    • Take independent responsibility for the project assigned by the project manager, develop a project plan, track the progress of the research and development projects, identify, track, and summarize issues during the process, and report project situations promptly;

    • Coordinate the resources of the company according to customer needs to ensure project delivery on time;

    • Prepare, summarize, publish, and archive project-related documents such as the project proposal, mid-term review report, final technical report, and completion report;

    • Manage project changes during execution;

    • Perform other tasks assigned by superiors.

    Entry Requirement
    • Bachelor’s degree or above in materials, chemistry, mechanical engineering or related fields;

    • Minimum of one year of relevant work experience in project management;

    • Familiar with product development project management processes and holding a PMP certificate is preferred;

    • Flexible thinking, strong logic and communication skills;

    • Dutiful and responsible, ready to take responsibility and strong execution ability;

    • Proficient in project management software and tools such as Teambition.

  • Process Engineer

    Full time

    Recruitment Condition
    • Responsible for technical field work related to process issues; product processes including but not limited to medical tube extrusion molding, tipping, heat lamination, raw material modification, printing, assembly, etc.

    • Responsible for process technology review;

    • Responsible for process validation and standardization;

    • Responsible for the output of process technical documents;

    • Responsible for the technical improvement and innovation projects of production department products

    Entry Requirement
    • Bachelor's degree in polymer science and technology, chemical engineering, materials engineering, or mechanical design and manufacturing;

    • At least 2 years of practical work experience in precision extrusion molding;

    • Familiar with the raw material characteristics and processing micro mechanisms of polymer materials;

    • Familiar with production processes and quality systems;

    • Strong ability to solve technical problems on site;

    • Strong sense of responsibility, good communication and coordination skills, good expression ability, rigorous logical thinking ability, and good team cooperation ability;

  • Quality Engineer

    Full time

    Recruitment Condition
    • Cooperate with R&D to conduct new product  trial manufacturing and quality control, including but not limited to sample confirmation, full-scale measurement, quality standard confirmation, limit samples, etc.;

    • Responsible for the preparation of relevant quality work and data in APQP;

    • Responsible for the testing and verification of new products, and develop product and material inspection standards and inspection specifications;

    • Handle product abnormalities, process abnormalities, customer abnormalities, and feed abnormalities;

    • Organize the handling of customer complaints and feedback;

    • Implement and guide environmental monitoring, including cleanroom and product monitoring, microbial experiments;

    • Guide inspection work, judge quality exceptions, and handle quality disputes;

    • Train inspectors on inspection methods and inspection standards;

    • Perform quality data statistical analysis and quality improvement work.

    Entry Requirement
    • Bachelor's degree with more than three years of work experience, automotive industry experience is preferred;

    • Familiar with TS 16949 or ISO 13485 quality management system;

    • Familiar with tools such as MAS, SPC, APQP, FMEA, and able to use QC seven methods to control quality;

    • Have independent problem-solving ability and initiative;

    • Good teamwork spirit and strong communication skills, willing to obey leadership work arrangements, abide by company rules and regulations, have a strong sense of responsibility and meticulousness in work.

  • Sales Engineer

    Full time

    Recruitment Condition
    • Responsible for maintaining and leading the development of the company-allocated customer resources to achieve the company's sales targets;

    • Responsible for pre-sales customer visits or inquiries, communicating and establishing good business relationships and customer channels with customers;

    • Responsible for establishing a true and accurate customer database, while also collecting information on competitors and timely feedback;

    • Responsible for conducting business negotiations within the authorized scope of the company, and assisting the finance department in collections and other follow-up work;

    • Responsible for maintaining customer relationships;

    • Responsible  other tasks  assigned by direct manager.

    Entry Requirement
    • Bachelor's degree or above; Polymer and Materials Engineering majors are preferred;

    • 1+ years of sales experience or excellent graduates;

    • Excellent communication skills, positive entrepreneurial spirit, and strong teamwork spirit;

    • Passion for sales work, will to challenge oneself, high sense of work responsibility and ability to work independently.

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Want to join a global high-tech company that values its employees and offers a clean working environment? Eco Polymer is recruiting skilled professionals like you to support our manufacturing and sales operations.

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Want to join a global high-tech company that values its employees and offers a clean working environment? Join us in our mission to innovate the medical catheter industry!"