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Key Services

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    Custom Manufacturing

    We specialize in crafting complex medical tubing and membranes from advanced materials, mastering medical industry's most demanding applications.

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    Secondary Operations

    We offer comprehensive support services, expertly tailored to the intricate demands of catheter manufacturing. These include hole punching, tipping, bonding, and many more.

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    Product Design & Development

    Unleashing the potential of polymer and material science, we partner with your engineering team to elevate product design, focusing on superior manufacturability, durability, and quality. From meticulous material selection to innovative tooling design and swift prototyping, our expertise is your advantage in navigating the dynamic pathway to market success.

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    Testing & Validations

    Our dedicated R&D and QA teams delivers robust in-house testing and expert guidance for quality test plans, reports, and device protocols, ensuring compliance with the most stringent 3Q, FDA, CE, and CFDA standards. Our experienced QA professionals provide full support in navigating regulatory landscapes and risk mitigation, backed by thorough documentation.

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    Mass Production

    Eco Polymer sets the standard for mass production excellence in the medical device industry. By refining our manufacturing processes, we achieve cost-effectiveness, heightened efficiency, and unmatched value for large-scale production. Harnessing cutting-edge technology, we ensure exceptional precision and consistent quality in every batch.


Why ECO?

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    Cost Leader

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    Ideation to Execution

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    Extrusion Expert

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    Fastest Delivery

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  • How can I stay updated on the latest industry trends and insights related to contract manufacturing with Eco Polymer?

    Keep up to date by visiting our "Insights" section, where we share industry news, trends, and expert insights related to contract manufacturing.

  • How can I request a quote or initiate a project with Eco Polymer as our Contract Manufacturing Organization?

    To get started, please visit our "Contact us" section or contact our dedicated project management team to discuss your project requirements.

  • What certifications and quality standards does Eco Polymer adhere to as a CMO?

    We maintain strict adherence to industry-specific certifications and quality standards relevant to your product category. Please inquire about specific standards for your project.

  • What scalability options does Eco Polymer offer for manufacturing projects?

    We offer scalable solutions to accommodate production volume changes, whether you need a small batch or mass production. Our flexible manufacturing processes can meet your evolving needs.

  • How does Eco Polymer ensure on-time delivery for manufacturing projects?

    Timely delivery is a cornerstone of our operations. We implement efficient project management, robust supply chain management, and streamlined production processes to meet deadlines.