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April 16 2024

Pioneering Precision: Eco Polymer Introduces KleenGas™ for IVD industry at CMEF


Shanghai Eco is thrilled to announce the launch of KleenGas™ Hollow Fiber Degassing Membrane at this year’s China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF). As a leader in new medical materials innovation, our mission is to advance medical technology through innovative material science, making advanced solutions more accessible globally.

Since our founding in 2009, we've been at the forefront of the industry, supported by top Chinese health tech VCs like Yuan Sheng Venture Capital, Qiming Venture Partners, BlueBay Ventures, and SDIC Unity Capital. These partnerships bolster our R&D and speed our pace of innovation.

KleenGas™ represents a significant milestone in our journey, offering precise control over dissolved gases across various sectors including semiconductors, food and beverage, and IVD medical equipment. This breakthrough reflects our deep expertise and ongoing innovation in high-performance membrane materials.

Additionally, our AcuOxy™ PMP ECMO project marks a crucial advancement, developing a cost-effective third-generation oxygenation membrane that broadens access to life-saving technology worldwide.

Key Advantages of KleenGas™:

  1. No-pore Outer Layer: Enhances degassing efficiency, crucial for high-precision applications.

  2. Hydrophobic and Chemically Stable: Suitable for use with low surface tension solutions, broadening its application range.

  3. High-efficiency Degassing: Protects sensitive biochemical analyses from gas interference, ensuring analytical accuracy.

  4. Enhanced Equipment Reliability: Reduces maintenance needs and extends equipment lifespan.

  5. Cost-effectiveness: Delivers high-end technology at competitive costs.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of the medical materials sector, bringing innovative solutions to market that offer hope and new possibilities to our partners and patients worldwide.